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Nov 19, 2017

In today's 45th episode of The Law Is My Ass, Sid and Joe wind through the regular features of the podcast, along with a great interview of Lena Zwarensteyn of the American Constitution Society, and along the way try to answer, inter alia, the following:

  • Has Joe finally figured out how to use the compressor in GarageBand? (Hint: signs point to yes)
  • Has the Trump administration lost any cases in the Ninth Circuit this week? (Hint: check out the new DACA litigation update segment! But yes)
  • Are the President's tweets official government records? (Hint: the DOJ says "yes")
  • What's up at the Supreme Court (Hint: the three women justices are trying to prevent unfair executions)
  • Are the Badgers undefeated? (Hint: we didn't talk about that, but the answer is "YES! And they'd better be included in the playoffs if they stay that way!)
  • Can you bare your breasts as a political protest? (Hint: one would assume so, but apparently not in Chicago)
  • What about the elephants? (Hint: according the the administration's official regulatory publication - Twitter - the elephants got a temporary reprieve)
  • Are New Balance shoes made in the US? (Hint: New Balance says it doesn't matter)
  • Are blue slips dead? (Hint: for district court judges, apparently yes)
  • Is Trump trying to stack the courts? (Hint: duh)
  • Is the ABA's rating committee biased? (Hint: only one person thinks so)
  • Should Al Franken resign? (Hint: reasonable minds may differ)

All that and three great listener questions - give it all a good listen, and keep it legal!

Nov 12, 2017

This week Sid and Joe go guest-free to bring you all the latest in the Travel Ban update, Supreme Court Roundup, Random Legal News, a Listener Question - and the podcast's newest feature: "Objection!" Along the way, they answer the following:

  • Does the podcast now have one episode for every president of the United States (Hint: depends whether you count Trump)
  • What's up with the Travel Ban 3.0 appeals (Hint: oral arguments in a month)
  • What's the Supreme Court been up to (Hint: Three opinions, two oral arguments, and an upcoming case featuring podcast guest Jamie Lee Williams!)
  • What's a bed bug bite worth? (Hint: around $50,000)
  • Is Cal. Rule of Prof. Conduct 5-110(d) > Brady? (Hint: yes!)
  • How can you revive the long-expired statutes of limitations on your sexual misconduct? (Hint: call someone a liar)
  • Can you be prosecuted for laughing at Jeff Sessions? (Hint: can - yes; will - no)
  • Is "opioid overdose" hard to say quickly? (Hint: seems to be)
  • Should federal district judge nominees have some litigation experience? (Hint: we would hope so - but apparently not)
  • What's up with Colin Kaepernick's NFL "collusion" grievance? (Hint: listen and find out!)

All that and more - so turn on, tune in, and keep it legal!

Nov 4, 2017

In the 43rd episode of The Law Is My Ass, Sid and Joe have a terrific conversation with former prosecutor Vernon Grigg III about the significance and implications of the indictments and plea deal that were unsealed this last Monday in the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Along the way the answer the following questions on everybody's minds:

  • Did the Ninth Circuit specifically schedule the oral argument in the current travel ban appeal just to mess with Sid's law school final exams? (Hint: signs point to yes)
  • Has the Fourth Circuit decided to get in on that action yet? (Answer: finally, yes!)
  • The Supreme Court heard oral argument in four cases last week - any of them interesting? (Hint: nah)
  • Is the Notorious RGB retiring any time soon? (Hint: that'd be an emphatic "no")
  • As between the lawyers and the city of Los Angeles, who wins? (Hint: starts with an "L" ends with an "S" . . .)
  • Should I continue to buy Bosch tools and appliances? (Hint: Bosch is going to need all the revenue it can get)
  • How's Trump's military transgender policy going? (Hint: enjoined)
  • Are the charges against Manafort and Gates just cotton candy? (Hint: no)
  • Should Jeff Sessions be concerned (Hint: hard to say, but he probably renewed his prescription for antacids last week)
  • Is there more to come from Mueller? (Hint: sure looks that way)
  • Does the POTUS have any mechanism to shit this whole thing down? (Hint: several, but no good ones)

All that and more - give us a listen! Send your listener questions for next week to, and in the meantime - keep it legal!™