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Dec 17, 2017

It's Episode 48 - our last Law My Ass episode of 2018, and IT'S ALSO THE LAST EPISODE EVER! AAAAAAAHHHH! But don't fear - we'll be back next year with a new and improved and rebranded legal podcast that will be basically indistinguishable from The Law Is My Ass, except that it will be called Keep It Legal! instead. For the Law My Ass series finale, Sid Skyped in from London, our guest Lena Zwarensteyn Skyped in from Washington DC, and along the way we answered a few questions, including:

  • What was the Supreme Court up to this week? (Hint: not much)
  • What was Judge Kozinski up to this week? (Hint: too much)
  • Is the long-fought Fitbit-Jawbone war finally reaching an armistice? (Hint: signs point to yes)
  • Is Betsy DeVos's Department of Education doing anything at all? (Hint: signs point to no)
  • Can you get counterfeit Mercedes Benz hubcaps from Amazon? (Hint: Mercedes says you can and it is NOT happy about it!)
  • Is Brett Tally going to be a judge? (Hint: it's not looking good for him)
  • Is the DOJ hunting witches? (Hint: Rod Rosenstein denies it)
  • Does Trump's DOJ believe that climate change might be catastrophic? (Hint: it doesn't matter, because it thinks that there's no right to a habitable environment)
  • Open Internet, AKA "net neutrality" - are we all doomed? (Hint: not yet!)

All that and more on our final episode of all time ever until we come back and do more of it next year under a different name. It's been an exciting and educational year of podcasting - we want sincerely to thank all of our listeners for joining us on this journey, listening, giving feedback, sending questions, and most of all just for caring about the laws that affect us all; you folks are the best. Thank you! And until next year, Keep It Legal!™ 

Dec 10, 2017

On this the 47th - and penultimate - episode of The Law Is My Ass (soon to be rebranded as the Keep it Legal!™ Podcast) - we go Sid-less (he hasn't left the podcast - he's just in England doing shows), and Joe welcomes back immigration attorney Shawn Matloob to talk about the developments in the DACA litigation and the Travel Ban 3.0 litigation, and there were a LOT! Along the way, we touch upon:

  • Can a lawyer be disbarred for disregarding a Supreme Court disbarment order? (Hint: all signs point to yes)
  • What did William Morris Agency agent Adam Venit do to Terry Crews? (Hint: it wasn't nice and he is being sued)
  • Is the President definitionally insulated from a charge of obstruction of justice? (Hint: nobody really thinks so)
  • Did Katy Perry win her real estate lawsuit in LA? (Hint: like a firework!)
  • Will sports gambling soon be legal in New Jersey (Hint: it looks promising for New Jersey)
  • Is baking a cake "speech" protected by the First Amendment? (Hint: it looks like at least 4 SCOTUS Justices think so)
  • Is the Supreme Court getting unusually involved in the pending immigration litigation? (Hint: yes)
  • Are there sexist judges on the Fourth Circuit? (Hint: Shawn and Joe are both wondering about that)
  • Are the President's tweets official proclamations of the administration? (Hint: 100%!)

All that and more - so check it out, and keep it legal!™ 

Dec 3, 2017

In this the 46th episode of The Law Is My Ass, Sid and Joe cover all the usual topics, including but not limited to

  • Is the podcast changing its name? (Hint: YES! In 2018)
  • Does Joe steal all of Sid's lines? (Hint: Apparently)
  • Is Michael Flynn going to bring down the Trump administration? (Hint: it's too soon to say)
  • Can Trump stop himself from Tweeting? (Hint: what do you think?)
  • Should Jose Zarate have been convicted of murder (Hint: no)
  • Are brown people dangerous (Hint: most, we assume, are good people -- much like people of all other colors)
  • Does the Bureau of Land Management take good care of its guns? (Hint: apparently not at all)
  • Does Neal Katyal sometimes represent bad guys? (Hint: yup!)
  • Does the Supreme Court's hearing room have good natural light? (Hint: Jaime says "absolutely!")
  • Is the Supreme Court going to protect your cell cite location data? (Hint: we all guess yes)
  • What percentage of internet bots are good? (Hint: exactly 26%)
  • Can Jaime drop an F-bomb? (Hint: yes)

All that and a great listener question! So check out Episode 46 now while you can, before we rebrand the entire operation. And keep it legal!