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Sep 30, 2017

In this exciting 39th Episode we talk about the legalities of the current protests and demonstrations by NFL players, coaches, and owners, and along the way we also answer the following questions (among others):

  • Can Lingerie League football players be disciplined for pre-game protests? (Hint: most definitely);
  • Can your local high school's football players be disciplined for pre-game protest (Hint: less likely);
  • Can NFL players be disciplined for pre-game protests? (Hint: unlikely, but not because of the First Amendment);
  • Can women drive in Saudi Arabia (Hint: not yet - but soon!);
  • Are the Supreme Court travel ban appeals going to be dismissed as moot? (Hint: signs point to maybe);
  • Is Andrew going to be a great attorney some day? (Hint: the jury is still out);
  • Is ICE trying to prevent immigration detainees from obtaining legal representation (Hint: all signed point to yes);
  • What the heck is the Jones Act (Hint: OSHA for the Ocean!)

All that and more! Listen in, subscribe, send your listener questions to, and above all, keep it legal!

Sep 23, 2017

In this the 38th episode of The Law Is My Ass, Sid and Joe interview podcast-regular and benefits expert Eric Schillinger about the Graham-Cassidy bill that the Senate is considering RIGHT NOW as it's likely last effort to repeal Obamacare in this fiscal year. What does it mean, and how would it affect you? Listen and find out! And as if that weren't enough, we tackle the following pressing legal questions:

  • Is there another way to look at the Second Amendment? (Hint: yes)
  • Do Californian's have to stop force feeding their geese again? (Hint: yes, but abusing chickens, cattle and pigs is still allowed)
  • Is Equifax in deep doo-doo? (Hint: you know the answer)
  • Is Wells-Fargo trying to pull a fast one? (Hint: guess)
  • Is Taylor Swift going down for copyright infringement? (Hint: Joe votes no, Sid votes yes, and Eric abstains)
  • Can Jeff Sessions punish cities that don't want immigration officers storming into their jails? (Hint: courts say "no"!)
  • What web giant has the funniest in-house IP attorneys? (Hint: starts with N, ends with x, and has an "etfli" in the middle)

All that and more in this week's shorter-than-usual episode of The Law Is My Ass. Tune in, and keep it legal!


Sep 16, 2017

In this the 37th (!) episode of The Law Is My Ass, and along with exciting special guest Amy Bach of advocacy organization United Policyholders (check out their website right here: talk about last week's Supreme Court foray back into the travel ban litigation, and take on the following pressing questions:

  • Are strippers properly classified as independent contractors (Hint: probably not);
  • Is Equifax about to drown in litigation (Hint: all signs point to yes);
  • Is Google a sexist employer (Hint: some employees are saying so!);
  • Is President Trump's pardon of Sheriff Arpaio constitutional (Hint: some say no!);
  • How many insurance companies does it take to pay a homeowners hurricane claim (Hint: it's a trick question! There's no insurance!);

All that and listener questions in today's exciting installment of The Law Is My Ass!

Sep 9, 2017

On this the 36th episode of The Law is My Ass podcast, Sid and Joe interview Veterans Benefits expert Jeffrey Marion, talk about the Trump administration's torrid pace of appointing judges, and you might get answers to the following questions:

  • Is the Trump administration doing nothing? (Hint: not unless appointing judges is "doing nothing")
  • Does Senator Franken have a big blue slip? (Hint: Yes!)
  • How is the administration faring at the Ninth Circuit? (Hint: lost again)
  • Are municipalities still jailing people just for being poor? (Hint: as of this week, one fewer)
  • Is credit reporting agency Experian a good corporate citizen? (Hint: all indications point to "NO!")
  • Is Verizon tracking your web use? (Hint: Yes!)
  • How is a TBI like herbicide-induced cancer? (Hint: both can get you veterans disability benefits)
  • How is a ship at port different from a ship at sea? (Hint: in the same way that brown water is not blue)
  • How can we help our veterans? (Hint: listen and find out!

All that and more! Tune in, listen up, and keep it legal!

Sep 2, 2017

We're excited that Sid is back from his summer comedy tour of Scotland, and thrilled to present you Joe's interview of Rutgers Law Professor Katie Eyer about laws affecting the transgender community!

Before that, Sid and Joe give a shout out to sponsors Green Light Jerky and perennial supports Roberts Bartolic LLP and their  ERISA Watch Newsletter. And in the Random Legal News of the Week with Sid and Joe, you'll learn:

  • Does Wells Fargo cheat its customers? (Hint: apparently);
  • Did Obama wiretap Trump Tower? (Hint: nope);
  • Is Judge Posner retiring? (Hint: nope, he is retired #MovingFast);
  • Can Wyoming sue VW for diesel pollution? (Hint: doubtful);
  • How many judges can President Trump nominate in one week? (Hint: tune in next week and we'll give you a number);
  • Can Texas outlaw sanctuary cities? (Hint: not this week);
  • Is the New York Times a good source of information? (Hint: about Gill v. Whitford, so far, yes!);
  • Can you go to prison for not paying a parking ticket? (Hint: in Florida, yes! #winning);
  • Do courts think that calling someone transgender is an insult? (Hint: at least one court says that it is not!)

Give it a listen, and keep it legal!