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Oct 28, 2017

In this the 42nd Episode of The Law Is My Ass, Sid and Joe round up the Supreme Court's week, the new developments in the Travel Ban Litigation at the Ninth Circuit, and interview mediator extraordinaire Cathy Yanni about mediation. Along the way, they answer some questions:

  • Is standard of review interesting? (Hint: No, but it's important)
  • Is travel ban 2.0 moot? (Hint: it's now officially the mootest)
  • Does the FBI protect its informants from murder (Hint: the dead ones don't think so)
  • Can climate forecasting software be used to do DNA matching? (Hint: ProPublica has its doubts)
  • Did the Senate sell us all out to the big banks last week? (Hint: that's an unqualified "yes")
  • Does Betsy DeVos hate disabled children? (Hint: signs point to yes)
  • Is the Mueller investigation producing some fruit? (Hint: late summer melons, perhaps)
  • Is mediation good or bad? (Hint: on balance, good)

All that and a great listener question about corporate First Amendment rights in the post-Hobby Lobby era! Give it a listen, and keep it legal!™ 

Oct 21, 2017

In this week's mercifully short (34 minutes!), guest-free, FORTY-FIRST (wow!) episode of The Law Is My Ass, Sid and Joe round up two weeks worth of Supreme Court oral arguments and Random News, and in response to a listener question, give the lowdown on how the whole process of presidential impeachment works. Along the way, they answer:

  • Do the names of show segments have more gravitas when read with an echo effect? (Hint: indubitably!)
  • Is anyone going to jail for poisoning the water in Flint, MI? (Hint: we can hope)
  • Should you tell your secrets to Equifax or Whole Foods? (Hint: if those are your only two choices, just keep your secrets to yourself)
  • Can schools punish students who don't wish to stand for the pledge of allegiance? (Hint: the courts will have to decide)
  • Did Uber commit corporate espionage? (Hint: signs point to maybe!)
  • Can municipalities regulate gun shops? (Hint: in the 9th Circuit they sure can!)
  • Does the Innocence Project do great work? (Hint: YES!)
  • Did US companies help fund Iraqi troops who targeted US forces? (Hint: Signs point to quite possibly)
  • Can Joe Arpaio have his contempt conviction vacated? (Hint: not this week!)
  • When will Trump's lawyers be richer than Trump? (Hint: about two more years)
  • Is Trump going to be impeached any time soon? (Hint: doubtful!)

And if that's not enough, you're expectations are just too high. Give it a listen, tune in next week to hear our guest, career Mediator Cathy Yanni, and in the meantime, keep it legal!

Oct 8, 2017

In this the exciting FORTIETH episode of The Law Is My Ass, immigration expert Shawn Matloob joins us for our weekly Travel Ban Litigation Update, and to talk about all things immigration, including DACA. Along the way we try to answer the following questions:

  • What podcast co-host as the greatest ability to make the most inappropriate joke at the most inappropriate time? (Hint: stars with an S, ends with a D, and I is in the middle)
  • Does Justice Ginsburg hate Justice Gorsuch? (Hint: well, he's no Antonin Scalia, but probably not)
  • How's it looking for Gill v. Whitford? (Hint: good?)
  • What about employees with class claims (Hint: less so)
  • What about public sector labor unions (Hint: on life support)
  • Does all the important litigation originate in Wisconsin? (Hint: no but it does seem that way sometimes)
  • Is it wise to to send a picture of your genitals to an underage girl? (Hint: definitely not in Indiana)
  • Is it was to plant drugs on someone you hate and then call the cops (Hint: not if you leave your DNA on them)
  • What is Love, anyway? (Hint: the FDA says it's "intervening material")

All that and a listener question to boot! Tune in, check it out, and keep it legal! Also, listen twice because we're off next week ;)